Tread & Seamless Comparisons

Premium Runner cost mid to high end - usually consisting of premium
fibers( wools , nylons & blends)

- avg retail for mid to high end runners range from $32 to 75$ a linear ft

- avg set of stairs require almost two linear ft per step
(not including stair rods or staple Gun or installation costs by a professional)

- avg set of steps =14 steps or 28 linear ft of carpet

- 28 linear ft of mid to high end runner carpet cost would range from

- just over $900 to over $2,000 for the high end not including :
your time and add ons


Modern Treads will always be 1/2 the cost of the above averages
with no hidden costs , hassles or add ons! If you have the time to compare
the cost savings , we encourage you to do so!

Each product Has the fiber content - Oz Weights for ease of comparison

Modern bullnose treads and traditional treads use only 50% or less of the carpet needed to complete a set of steps ; here in-lies the cost savings and eliminates the need for installation arrangements and delays..



Diy Stair treads strives to be cutting edge without cutting corners.  All our stair treads are available in several standard wide width options to fit your desired taste.  You have the ability to receive free premium carpet samples with no limit on the tremendous amount of color options available for your stair case.  We also offer the ability to customize your stair tread to match any criteria such as size , shape , width , depth, overhang and length!  Diy stair treads can make custom stair landings and stair mats, with or with out the "bullnose" or "square nose" option ( Peel & Stick is optional for rugs ,landing mats and runners).   Every set of treads are made to order and made with the best materials available.  Bullnose stair treads are manufactured with a reinforced PVC nosing that makes the front of the stair tread extremely durable and conforms to the rounded edge for life.  The carpet is adhered to the ridged infrastructure with a combination of Hot and Cold adhesives for maximum hold strength.  Each individual tread is placed in a press machine to ensure a high quality precision fit every time.  The Bullnose or Square nose stair tread provides superior safety and security by gripping the front and top of each step.  This Makes them the safest option for you Pets and Family!  


Diy stair treads also provides ease of installation by applying a Hot Melt water based adhesive to the back of each stair tread , then covered with a release film for shipment purposes.  The (PSA) or pressure sensitive adhesive that is applied to each stair tread makes it simple to install. Complete your project in minutes with no need for costly installation by a professional.  Receive all the benefits of a carpet stair runner with out all the hassles .Have a new look that is tailored to your taste and still show of the beauty of the stairs whether they are rock, wood, tile, or just freshly painted.  Ask about our new (Square nose) carpet stair treads that are made with the same level of craftsmanship and have all the same customizable options and benefits.  Peel and Stick is standard on each stair tread. The adhesive is very strong yet removable ; it is  non-allergenic and can safely be removed when necessary without any damage to your stairs.  Accidents do happen and we are here to help you minimize the risk by covering and protecting the most dangerous part of your stairs.  Most serious injuries result  from a direct impact with the front edge of the stair itself.  Diy stair treads are the safest non-slip carpet treads available that can pad and cover the stair tread . "" We are a family owned company and would not recommend this product if we didn't believe and trust it every day!  Just ask our two 100 plus pound dogs that get herded up and down the stairs by the little ones daily! ""

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